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Welcome to the next generation of online certification management. With a user-friendly approach, Skilldentify is uniquely designed to help you manage your training and certifications. No need to spend thousands of dollars for software. No installation necessary just log on and go! There are so many reasons for using a system like this. Of course the main one is to keep you and your team safe. With many features, Skilldentify will help you with the tasks needed to manage your safety requirements. We've listed a few great features below. Find more when you login!


Certificate Management

There are various ways to create and manage certifications using this system. You can create and manage them all internally, or allow for external trainers to connect and provide certifications. Create, apply, print, download, report, its all here and available from your computer, ipad, or phone!

connect with others

Skilldentify provides many ways to connect with one another. Single users and Training Companies can connect with Company Administrators, Trainers can connect with Training Companies, all while protecting any conflicting confindential data.


Although you have total control of what data is entered, the system really doeesn’t require any sensitive personal data.

However, be assured that although Skilldentify is an online web application, the data is not! Our servers have state of the art security systems with 24x7 CCTV monitoring of all servers and facilities to ensure customer and data integrity is secure at all times.

All purchases are handled by the same high security systems that the major banks use. No financial information is stored on this system.

Document Management

A fully customizable menu allows you to create any type of menu item and upload documents for sharing. Skilldentify provides 1 gig of space with your initial account. It is a great way to distribute and organize various company documents that are commonly used.


During busy times it is nice to have a heads up when things are coming due. Turn on notifications in your profile to email yourself reminders.

run reports

Administrative features provide a birds-eye view to quickly and easily see what training has been completed, not started, incomplete, or expired. There are many ways to search and sort information, giving you total control of how you view, print or download reports.

Your Look, Your Menu!

Customized screen and menu items

Choose to have your company logo or graphic on the top banner. You also have total control of the contents of your menu and what documents your menu items link to. Its an easy way to share and organize your documents.

A HELP file is already located in the menu and will quickly get you started.

training Courses & Certificates

There are 3 different types of courses and certificates that Skilldentify can provide.

1. Certificates that external safety trainers can provide to users once they have successfully completed the course.

2. Internal training certificates that a company administrator can create, apply, manage and report.

3. Online training courses that you can purchase and provide to your team to complete for certification. This type of course can also be customized according to your needs.

Either way, Skilldentify has no limits to how certificates are generated. It will all depend on what works best for you. Call or email us today for more information.


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